Control your Mac with hand gestures using LEAP

By SensasianOne • Apple, apple accessories, iMac, Mac OS X, Technology • 22 May 2012


If you’re familiar with the Xbox 360′s Kinect, think the same thing with your Mac when you think of Leap Motion’s upcoming LEAP platform. The LEAP is essentially a very small hardware box that sits in front of your Mac and tracks your hand gestures, much like the Kinect but allowing those gestures to control your computer instead, while doing things like simply browsing the Internet or even gaming.

Apple has been the target of rumors for a long time now indicating that they are also working on similar technology, likely to be introduced into the also rumored Apple TV set that may be released in the future. Why wait, though, when you can use the LEAP with your Mac and come in a step ahead? The LEAP is an exciting concept with a lot of potential, much like the Kinect had upon its launch.

The incredibly cheap $69.99 machine is now available for pre-order with a “limited amount available,” so if you’re truly interested you may want to pre-order now. If you’re not convinced yet, take a look at the LEAP’s FAQ Page.

via TechnologyTell

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