Apple iWear Launches Brand With A Familiar Bite

By SensasianOne • Apple, Uncategorized • 17 Feb 2012


There’s a new brand of apparel that just launched worldwide — say hello to Apple iWear. No Kidding! It’s not just a satirical spoof featuring the wardrobe of Steve Jobs, this one is much bigger than that.

The expansive line of clothing features sportswear for imen, iboys and iwoman including branded hoodies, caps, tank tops and polo shirts. One tee shirt even includes the Apple iWear logo offered front and center with a familiar classic rainbow design.

iWear designers seem anxious to test the legal muscle of Apple, Inc. with a logo that simply leans the stem of their own apple to the left. At first glance their design appears identical to Apple’s iconic logo until you take a closer look. Even the website mirrors an eerily familiar look and feel of an online destination we’ve all come to know and love. That’s the point — right?

“The brand was founded in Europe for all fans of quality and original clothing. Apple iWear offers classic series for a distinctive style, sports series for an active lifestyle and a series designed exclusively for women. For our products we use the finest materials from Europe and also here we create designs and exports to the world.” the company writes in their about page.

When I dug deeper into the site I uncovered Apple iWear News and even a page that includes brand-centric wallpaper for desktops, iPhones and iPads along with another familiar logo that loosely resembles that of Major League Baseball.

Although Apple iWear might only be a gimmick deployed to draw viral attention to the launch the NiECS Collection of apparel also featured on the same website, the creators have certainly gone out of their way to make the entire package completely believable. A fact especially obvious with the ‘unique’ boxes they offer.

If it’s attention they’re after — they definitely captured mine. I can’t wait to see where this whole iWear thing leads once Apple gets wind of it. This crafy gang of brand pirates may find that they’ve bitten off more than they can chew.

Are you ready to plunk down your hard earned cash for some Apple iWear? The answer to that question may depend upon which direction you like your stem to dangle. I prefer my hanging to the right.


Apple iWear

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  1. Rollingon

    This brand is awesome!!:-) I love their apparel! Apple iWear have a cool slogan: ”Think easy. Dress alike”…. so perfect!:-))

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