5 Amazing Travel Apps for iPhone

By William Judd • iOS, iOS Apps • 15 Jun 2012

A few months back I covered a trip I’d made to a cottage in Cumbria and the apps I’d discovered along the way, but I only discussed those I used on Android. My girlfriend accompanied me on the trip and found similarly excellent apps for her iPhone, so I thought it prudent to re-examine the subject from the perspective of an iOS user. So without further ado: five brilliant travel apps for iPhone.

5. National Rail Enquiries – Free

The National Rail Enquiries App has been freshly released and is the first official app available developed by National Rail themselves. It mirrors functionality available in other apps, but comes free and will no doubt be updated often. The app includes train tracking, journey planning, service interruptions and even a clever alarm that prevents you from missing your stop.

4. Trip Journal – £1.99

Trip Journal is a rather interesting app, allowing you to construct a digital scrapbook from photos, videos and texts that you take while on holiday. Everything is tied to its time and location, so it’s easy to recreate your route to enthrall your friends and family. Or not.

3. Passbook – Not yet released

Passbook is one of the new apps introduced with iOS 6 earlier this week. It stores your digital tickets, boarding passes and merchant cards in a context-sensitive and attractive app environment. The app hasn’t yet been made available to the public, but it should provide dynamic information (e.g. current gate numbers on boarding passes) and include alerts if you pass by a place that you have a rewards card at.

2. Just Landed – Free

Just Landed is a beautifully designed flight tracking app, offering up-to-date information about flights in the US in a wonderfully legible manner, complete with oversized text, perfect proportions and brilliant graphics.

1. TripAdvisor – Free

TripAdvisor’s green owl logo is well known to the world of iOS and Android users and no wonder – this travel app is expertly crafted, providing a host of reviews and ratings for nearby attractions, restaurants and hotels. Even when staying in the wilds in a rather lovely Hadrian’s Wall accommodation, there were plenty of interesting things to do – some of which even the locals didn’t mention!


I hope you find these travel apps useful. If you’d like to contribute your own selections, feel free to do so in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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