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2012 iMac Said to Carry Thinner Design, Alleged Internals Photo Surfaces

By iAskTank | Apple, iMac, Rumors

A forum thread [Google translation] posted to Chinese site earlier this month claims that

New iMac Coming In September

By iAskTank | Apple, iMac

It looks like stock for the current iMac is coming to a standstill. AppleBitch is

City Of San Francisco To Stop Buying Macs

By iAskTank | Apple, iMac, MacBook

= Apple recently chose to remove all of their Mac lineup from the EPEAT (Electronic Product

More Claims of October Launch for Updated iMac Models

By iAskTank | Apple, iMac

With Apple opting not to release updated iMac models at its Worldwide Developers Conference last

Apple Launches Improved Employee Hardware Discount Program for Mac and iPad

By iAskTank | Apple, iMac, iPad

Back in January, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced to employees that the company would begin

Turn Your iPad Into A HiDPI Monitor For Your Mac

By iAskTank | Apple, iMac, iOS Apps, iPad, iPad 3, Mac OS X, new iPad

Our Macs are built-in with the capability to run in HiDPI mode. That’s right —

Control your Mac with hand gestures using LEAP

Control your Mac with hand gestures using LEAP

By SensasianOne | Apple, apple accessories, iMac, Mac OS X, Technology

If you’re familiar with the Xbox 360′s Kinect, think the same thing with your Mac

Filing details Apple’s plans for Retina-ready resolution-independent OS X

By iAskTank | Apple, iMac, Mac OS X

Apple’s behind-the-scenes work to upgrade its OS X operating system for future high-resolution Retina display

Mac-bound Retina displays will cost Apple a $92 premium from suppliers

By iAskTank | Apple, iMac

LCD screens capable of becoming Retina displays for Apple’s next-generation Macs are currently available in

The iMac And MacBook Pro To Get Retina Displays At WWDC

By iAskTank | Apple, iMac, Mac OS X

Retina displays are the hot topic item around the rumor blogs these days, and today

Retina Displays Also Coming to Next-Generation iMac?

By iAskTank | Apple, iMac, Mac OS X

As part of ABC News‘ roundup of the latest MacBook Pro rumors, Joanna Stern claims

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